The Vision

The creation of a new perspective, an approach filled with soul, and a desire for perfection. The execution would be found in the black and white medium. Black and white is a true interpretation of the capture, it invokes feelings and thought. The work would pay respect to the pioneers of black and white photography and produce a printed image suitable for any collection.

The Finished Work

Capturing the light and finishing the images is the first part, the second part is printing the work. Andrew has over 10 years experience printing fine art images, he uses his own custom process with the Piezography Pro system to achieve a desired look and feel of old film style cameras of the 70s. Using Carbon based inks that last over a life-time, Andrew seeks to produce the most dynamic range and tonal value in each image.


  • Unsurpassed Dmax

    Piezography Pro HD inks produce a density of 1.84 which is significantly darker than any epson ink on the market. Giving each print deeper blacks and the ability to dial in cool to warm midtones.

  • Paper

    The naturally acid-free and lignin-free paper oers an expanded color gamut, natural contrast, and high ink load that is compatible with both dye and pigment inks. It lends itself to warm black and white prints as well as soft white color prints. 

  • Camera

    Andrew uses a wide-varity of camera gear. From Leica, Nikon & Sony. As of 2024, Andrew is using the new Sony A7r5 at 60mp.